Domain Names Registration

We do register domains names with the name of company or business to create your unique web identity, personal or anyway you want, eg www.yourcompany.com or www.yourname.pro, www.business.biz, www.anything.co.tz, We register all top level domains(TLDs) such as .com, .org, .net, .pro, .info, .biz and Tanzanian domains such as .co.tz, .ac.tz, .or.tz, .hotel.tz etc......

Web Hosting

Cityweb website hosting service offers a number of technologies to support your organization web presence. This includes static webstites (HTML,PHP, JPEG, GIF, flash, etc...) as well as dynamic web hosting with PHP. The infrastructure support MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Publishing can be done with FTP client and via web.

Website Designing & Development

We design clean and responsive professional websites for corporate, companies, small businesses, SMEs, non-profit organizations, institutions and personal websites. That defines your company's brand and build your online (web) presence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make your site appear on the front page of the search engines

Information Systems Development

We develop easy to use, reliable, and custom information systems based on the user requirements

Systems Integration

We make your existing system work with the legacy systems or other different systems smoothly just the way you could wish it to..
We make different systems talk to each other

Social Media Marketing

E-Commerce Solutions